"You inspire me Annie,
And I love the way you’re chasing your dreams.  Enjoy your travel, good luck with your yoga teaching, and all the best with Marry Me Annie.
Keep kicking goals, 
- James Fewtrell, GrainCorp Group Manager 

"Hey Annie, just wanted to shoot you a quick message as I know I didn't get a chance to chat on Saturday! We both can't thank you enough for being part of our day, it was perfect and so many people commented on the amazing job you did! Thanks for helping make a big day so amazing! you were incredible xxx"
          -Dan & Jordi Barclay

"Dearest Annie, 
You absolute dream!
Thank you for being you, simply put. You were so perfect on our wedding day and your sense of ease totally cascaded onto me so thank you. The ceremony was so perfect, beyond expectation + that's very much due to the vibe that you brought. You're an absolute sweetheart + we truly cant thank you enough. Here's to 2017. All our Love xxx"
       -  Georgie & Zach Hannan

" I was just checking out your website Annie, it's so great! I love it. 
I love that you followed your dream to start a small business - I'm so happy for you xxx"
         - Nicole Thornton

"Professional, talented and a beautiful person who provide's beautiful ceremonies! We felt very lucky to have MarryMeAnnie on our wedding day xx" 
          - Mr & Mrs Ruskin Rowe

"Hey lady, A massive thank you for everything you did for us on our wedding day!
Thank you for braving the horrible weather and being there to marry us. It was an amazing day and we were so lucky to have such great family and friends involved to make it even more perfect! Looking forward to seeing you soon & thanks again for making it such a special day! xxx"
        - Mat Cornwell & Katrina McGowan

"It was no surprise that family and friends were shocked upon hearing her dreams to become a celebrant. She loves her full-time job at GrainCorp and is passionate about agriculture, but those great loves are now served with a side of 'I do'. 
              -Ella Smith, The Daily Telegraph

"Annie grew up in rural NSW in a close-knit extended family. Her family is within a network of several families who have been friends for generations, holidaying together and supporting each other in the good times and the tough. This background has developed Annie's strong sense of family and of the importance of the institution of marriage as the core to the family unit and the backbone of our society. Annie has a strong sense of right and wrong. She is ardently loyal to her family and friends, dependable, thoughtful, passionate about her ideas and confident in her approach to life. Her wonderful knack of communicating and drawing people out, her sense of fun, appreciating the value of laughter to reduce stress are all the qualities I believe make Annie highly suited to the role of a marriage celebrant. "
  - Mrs Rowena Weir 

"Annie Scott is the perfect celebrant - she doesnt bat an eye lid at any request, she is calm, thoughtful and articulate and completely flexible. She's also awesome to have a beer with and the kind of celebrant you want to stick around for the whole wedding. We were thrilled to have you part of our day and have had so many comments from our wedding guests about how much they enjoyed the ceremony when usually they dread it!"
  - Eleanor Falkiner & Charlie Blomfield

"The perfect celebrant. Such a fun and delightful person who puts just the right balance of everything into a ceremony!"
  - Eloise & Ed Harris

“My gorgeous Annie. Thank you. I’m so glad I stumbled across your page. Thank you for driving miles to do our wedding, you were exactly what we were looking for. You are so calm and down to earth & made me feel super calm on my wedding day. I loved having you in my room as I was getting ready, it was like having a lifelong friend by my side. You have been super professional & everything I requested was done. You looked super beautiful on our wedding day & our ceremony was just perfect because of you. I know I’ve made a lifelong friend and I hope to catch up soon xxx”
  - Meg & David Giles 

"I have known Annie for over 12 years. Her love of life, beautiful and open personality is what draws most people to her. This true country girl from Cootamundra has a great sense of humour and with her sociable personality she finds a friend anywhere she goes. I couldn't think of a better person to officiate marriages. With her thoughtful nature and her respect for relationships, Annie takes time to add personal, creative and heartwarming touches turning a great day into a truly special one!"
     - Pip Locke

"We were so lucky to have the gorgeous Annie as our celebrant in March this year - she was amazing & incredibly professional. If anyone is getting married definitely give Annie a call!x"
  -    Juliette & Will Wragge